Holmes Ceramic Heaters

Homes ceramic heaters are the youngest convection heaters on the market. This type of Holmes electric heater includes aluminum baffles and ceramic plates. When the electric force passes between ceramic the temperature of the heater increase. The aluminum absorbers the heat produced and blows air into the room.
One big advantage of Holmes ceramic heapers are that they are easily portable. This type of heater are more energy efficient than many others. The plastic casings of Holmes electric space heater are very resistant. Ceramic heaters are often used in tabletops and small offices. People can easily buy a Holmes ceramic heater for less than 60 dollars Ceramic heaters are the cheapest Holmes portable electric heaters.

Some Holmes ceramic heaters reviews:

Holmes HCH4051 Ceramic Heater – I like this heater it is very small 5x7x7 and in my room fits perfectly. I think this heater is unobtrusive in any room. Other think I love in this heater is their safety because it shut down automatically when it becomes over heated. You will have to set the temperature of this ceramic heater in the first use, but this is easy to do.
This ceramic electric heater is easy to use have two heat settings and a very precise temperature thermostat. Other good thing of this heater is that Holmes offers three years of warranty.
The only cons of this heater are that the controls and housing of this header are the same color making a relative hard task control this header. The other problem is that in my opinion this heater is a little noisy. The final recommendation is that you should read the instruction manual of this heater.
Holmes Heater HCH6001- This heater is very good and has much power. I buy this heater to reduce heating system bill. To do this I lowered the thermostat temperature of the central heating system and put this little strong heater in my bedroom. By do this I save a few bucks. The big advantages of this heater are that it is strong and easy to transport. The cons of this heater are that it hasn’t timer. But if you are undecided you can buy this heater and if you don’t like it ask for refund.
HCH6150-U Holmes Portable Ceramic Heater – I don’t own this heater but I will post a review based on what a fried said. The big advantages of this heater are the heating production that never fails, the perfect safety of this heater and small height of this heater making it easy to transport. I don’t see any cons in this heater. If you need a Holmes portable electric heater don’t think twice.