Holmes Quartz Heaters

In this page I will review some Holmes quartz heaters but now I will explain the operation that is really simple. This type Holmes electric space heaters are like lamps, but optimized to produce infrared and less light radiation. This type of heater is mostly used garages, workshops and barns. Normally these heaters haven’t thermostat. The Holmes quartz heaters are very energy efficient. The medium electric consume of a Holmes quartz heater is between 400 and 800 but also exist heaters with 1500 watts if you need a powerful Holmes heater.

Some Holmes quartz heaters Reviews:

Holmes HQH319-U Touch Quartz Tower Heater – I’m satisfied with this Holmes portable electric heater it heats very fast when it was new but now I cannot say the same. In my opinion now it heats slowly but you should give a discount my heater is very hold. Contrary to some quartz headers this header has a good and precise thermostat. I also like one of the safety features that shut don’t the electric header when some of my cats jump to it. To the header doesn’t put fire on my house I always completely unplug the header from the wall when I'm not using it. In my opinion, if you need a Holmes electric header for a short emergency situation this heater can do the Job very but if you want use this header exhaustively I don’t recommend it.

Holmes Vertical Tower Quartz Radiant Heater HQH308C-UM – This Holmes electric space heater is ideal for longer usage in large bedrooms and family rooms. This header is relatively quiet and energy efficient. It heats the whole room. It has a feature that auto shut-down and I also like the thermostat very much. The only problem with this heater is that it burns when touched in consequence is not safe for Childs.